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Corona virus can pound sand as far as I'm concerned paranormal theater supernatural

Bed Demons

Bed Demons, do they exist? paranormal theater supernatural

Riders on the Storm 'The Doors' and Snoop Dog...show's theme

Riders on the Storm, the Doors and Snoop Dog, I've adopted this song as Para Saturdays, Para Radio 'theme groove'...it just totally fits the mood and people who tune in. paranormal theater supernatural

What if Dracula existed?

What if  Dracula  really existed, would he or it be seen as a devil or a saint?

Would Dracula be more popular than Elvis or the Beatle's during their hay day?

Watch video and decide for yourself. paranormal theater supernatural

CBD oil and marriage to the devil

Ryan's Interview, Drug addict who's no longer with us.

When death comes a knocking

Check out this great video paranormal theater supernatural

What if THC were naturally occurring in Vegetables and fruit

If could be Androgynous for a day, what if?

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